Nudity is still taboo. We want to change that. Here at Bare It All, our aim is to offer a fun, informative and safe space to talk about all things sex and nudity in a digital world.

From investigations into the best emojis to use when sexting, to in-depth analysis of the laws and regulations surrounding nudity online, we’re here to offer a wide range of content that doesn’t shy away from the naked truth.

Our founders and authors are here and ready to break down some barriers, speak about nudity and sex without shame and show that getting naked is normal.


Violet excels at watching reality TV, eating sushi and pouring siracha over everything. Read her emojipedia or her telling interview about when sexting goes wrong.


A self-proclaimed nerd. Reads about Big Data more than is acceptable. Drinks approx. 4 flat whites a day.

Hates writing bios, but loved writing articles on sexting policy. Check out the first one in the series out here.


Always keen to spill the tea, especially about all things NUDE. Ella loves fashion, exercise and Instagram.


Eliza loves long walks down the beach with her cat, Fred (and no, that’s not an innuendo). As an avid history nerd, Eliza needs no convincing to peruse the history of nudity. Check out the timeline she made with Ellie on the history of the naked form here!


Likes: Cats, Spider-Man and /r/ChildrenFallingOver
Dislikes: Unsolicited dick pics, climate change deniers, and that feeling when you bite a grape thinking its going to be really crunchy but then it turns out to be really mushy instead.

Check out her awesome podcast with Eliza and her run down on the types of nudes most adults will likely receive.

So, share your stories, and listen to ours – we may not be experts but we’re here to help you navigate it all, while being a little bit cheeky and getting a little bit raunchy along the way.

So get a little bare, start exploring and join the naked conversation. Click here for our cheat sheet on how to navigate laws and regulations when sexting. Be safe x