The Bare Truth: An Interview with the Salacious Creator of Cosi’s Odyssey

I sat down with Cosi Carnegie, a long time school friend but more importantly a passionate woman paving the way for self expression and the naked form. Her blog, Cosi’s Odyssey is a space to explore history, archaeology and mythology in a compelling and salacious way.

Can you explain Cosi’ s Odyssey? How did it come about?

Cosi’s Odyssey is my personal blog which I use to discuss history, archaeology and mythology. I don’t want to be a traditional academic and I often find that the parts of ancient history I love are presented in a way that make them seem dry, dusty, boring & irrelevant! In my small way I am trying to address this. The goal of Cosi’s Odyssey is to show people how hilarious, salacious and compelling the ancient world can be.”

What messages/values are you trying to impart with your audience?

“I’m trying to share my love of the ancient world, through stories, archaeology and art. As Instagram is primarily a visual platform, art is one of the better ways for me to communicate with my audience. I am especially passionate about the intersection of sexuality, body-positivity, artworks and archaeology. These values permeate all of my posts, sometimes subtly and sometimes not-so-subtly!”

Can you talk about shadow banning? Who does it affect and how has it affected you?

“Shadowbanning is when Instagram restricts your account without your knowledge. Your posts don’t show up on the explore page and any hashtag you have ever used no longer works. You are not notified and there is no recourse. Shadowbanning affects women, LGBTQIA people, people of colours, sex workers and artists. Body-positive and sex-positive Instagram users are also targeted.”

Do you curate your content around shadow banning so it isn’t removed?

“Sadly yes. The consequences of shadowbanning are too damaging for my account to want to risk it. This is not only immensely frustrating, it is also seriously demoralising and, I would argue, a violation of free speech.” 

What kind of content has Instagram removed of yours?

“Instagram has removed two posts of mine; the first was a photo of me holding two collages I had just purchased from an artist, the second was a photo I took in a photography museum in Berlin. I have also had promotions declined by Instagram, I was not allowed to promote a photo I took of a marble sculpture because the sculpture was nude. The sculpture is fit for the Met in New York but not for Instagram? It blows my mind.”

What is your perception on Instagram’s shadow banning and regulation? Is it hindering the potential room for nudity to be a part of our culture today?

“Absolutely it is, the inconsistent enforcement of their community guidelines and their policy of shadowbanning is blatantly sexist. Women and femme-presenting people are being told that their bodies are inappropriate. In so many ways we are in a wonderful time of body positivity and sex positivity, Instagram’s policies, however, are ridiculously regressive.”

What changes would you like to see in Instagram’s policies and regulation regarding nudity online? 

“Consistency. That’s it. Instagram’s guidelines must be enforced consistently, supposed ‘community standards’ must be applied equally and there must be an appeals process. In an ideal world Instagram would chill out about nudity but in the very LEAST they should be consistent with their archaic policies.”

If this chat with Cosi has struck a chord with you, head over to her blog and check out her video on shadow banning. It’s a great watch and incredibly insightful. Cosi also has a line of pretty sick merch- including fab undies and labeled condoms for those of us lucky enough… go crazy lovers x

Remember the team here at Bare It All wants you to stay safe. Click here for our cheat sheet on how to navigate these laws and regulations when sexting. Be safe x

Author: Ella B

Always keen to spill the tea, esp about all things NUDE

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