Are emojis the 21st century language of love?

It is no secret that we use emojis to suggest what we are really thinking. After all, they have an exceptional way of conveying emotions in ways that words cannot and can be used in woeful times when it is far too awkward to use words at all. 

From placing the baby angel face 👼in an Instagram caption to let everyone know you are feeling lovely, to conveying how utterly sick you feel with the sneezing face 🤧 /vomit face 🤢/medical mask sequence 😷, emoji’s have become integral to the way we digitally communicate. 

GIF by Anne Horel on Giphy

Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia said, “Of the 9.9 million Aussies who use emojis, almost 6 million claim that emojis are better than words at communicating how they feel at any given time”. 

Especially when it comes to sexting, an emoji can certainly be used to transform a message, comment or caption from just plain boring – to suggestive and seductive. Indeed, the emoji language has transformed simultaneously alongside the internet landscape to suit the digital environment and trends of the space – particularly our use of the internet to express sexuality and engage in sexting. 

Using these little icons in your technical vocabulary makes it so much easier to cut out the awkward chatter and simply, get to the point, which is why we have compiled our top five non-cliché emojis used in sexting scenarios to dissect their underlying meaning. 


This emoji is a relatively new phenomenon in the sexting vocabulary. 

Apparently, using a single 🤠with no context, to someone you regularly hook up with is a nonverbal hint that the sender is horny. The hint is tied to the cow-girl and reverse cow-girl sex position. 


This emoji is quite niche and linked to the viral meme, “babe my parents aren’t home” with a blurry photo of someone/thing rushing away. Essentially, the surfer emoji is cartoon embodiment of the ultimate booty call. We love this emoji as it is the direct dissection of meme culture and internet language and demonstrates how something that goes viral can truly hang around the internet world forever. 


The clown is reserved for a specific and dangerous sexual craving, that of wanting your ex. The clown, with its wide eyes, inhumanly large smile, and tiny tufts of hair fluff, is taunting you with the stupidity of going back for more. 

The 🤡is a warning sign that you are about to do something stupid. 


Now this is one we had never come across ourselves. 

Apparently, sending “🤧🤧🤧” is a way of expressing your sexual desire through its boldness.

Our research indicates that this emoji is a simple way of saying, “I’m into this in ways words can’t convey.” According to Cosmopolitan, if you received this sext it’s a show of horny respect, a placeholder for verbal validation to come.


Our ultimate favourite. 

One the emoji keyboard, every peach resembles an ass. 

A string of 🍑🍑🍑is a suitable and good response to a selfie in which someone’s butt looks nice and juicy. 

Join the conversation in the comment section below and let us know your favourite dirty emoji. Bonus points if you use it in a sentence. Click here for our cheat sheet on how to navigate these laws and regulations when sexting. Be safe x

Author: Violet W

Violet excels at watching reality TV, eating sushi and pouring siracha over everything!

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